Situation Report

The last several weeks have been busy! My problem is that I do not know how to describe what I have done, or what I have learned. I hope I learned something, but I may not know for quite a while.

There are 4 phases to this Combined Logistics Captains Career Course. There used to be 5 phases, but the first phase of training was determined to be unnecessary.

Phase 2A was a "pre-command" training session. Since I have already been a commander, I did not learn a lot from this phase. I did learn a few tips that would have been useful to know while I was a commander. However, I may not be in the military long enough for these tips to come in useful in the future.

Phase 2B was...busy. We did practical exercises every week. At the end of each week we were required to brief our instructor about our plans for providing logistical services which include food, water, clothing, gas for vehicles, construction material, ammunition, medical items, and a few other items.

Phase 2B proved a true trial on my patience. Instruction was comprised of sitting in a 3-4 hour slide show (powerpoint) regarding each type of logistical product. We were then supposed to be able to implement our "instruction" into a practical exercise. Of course I have an opinion about this instruction by powerpoint methodology -

Powerpoint slides are not effective for teaching!

Powerpoint slides are great for informing!

So I spent several weeks memorizing anywhere from 50 to 100 slides so that I could pass a weekly test on material that had been taught. Whatever!

I am currently in Phase 3. So far this phase has been much more relaxed, and I am grateful for the break! I am almost finished with week 1 of this phase, so it is too early to make an assessment of this phase.

I have learned the most from my active duty counterparts. I ran into an old friend from college who has deployed twice to Iraq. This guy is my current hero!!!! Out of respect for him and the experiences he and his family endured during his deployments, I will not share anything other than this -

Thank goodness our nation is full of heroes!!!

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